Why bystander leadership training?

Respect at work is everyone's business. 

Traditional workplace harassment training has been mandatory in many organizations for decades, but studies have shown that it is not effective. After #metoo, it has become clear that the problem still exists.

StandUP Teams™ is  training that is relatable and relevant to everyone in the workplace. It is a safe place for you and your team to learn and practice skills to “see something, say something.”

What’s wrong with traditional harassment training?

All of the responsibility for addressing harassment, and the sole focus of the training, is on perpetrators (they should stop) and victims (they should speak up).

This leaves the other 98% of the training attendees gaining nothing from the session.

What is the StandUP Teams™ advantage?

This training will give you and your team the concepts you need to know to identify and address workplace bullying and harassment, as an active bystander.

What is included in this course?

  • Videos and animations

    Hear real-life scenarios of workplace bullying and harassment and be given the tools to identify and deal with similar situations, through hosted and animated videos.

  • Quizzes

    Test your understanding and knowledge of the concepts you learn through self-assessment quizzes throughout the course.

  • Human rights

    Learn what characteristics give people protection from discrimination under the law and how to identify when the bullying and harassment you see is also discrimination.

  • Created by lawyers

    Feel confident in knowing that the content you are learning has been designed and approved by British Columbia employment lawyers.

  • Certificate of completion

    Let your current employer, network of friends and colleagues, and future employers know that you are trained as a leader in respectful workplaces. On completion of the course, you will get a shareable certificate of completion.

Pricing options

Are you an organization who would like to enroll your employees or volunteers in StandUP Teams? For group pricing information, please contact us at [email protected] or 604-535-7063.

  • $199.00

    Price for individual user. Contact us for group enrollment pricing.

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Become a leader in your workplace

StandUP Teams is a safe place to learn and practice skills to "see something, say something". Respect in the workplace is everyone's business, and good for business.